2) Toddler Time

Jumpers 6 and under can take advantage of exclusive times for younger jumpers. An adult must jump with the younger jumper, but everyone jumps at a reduced rate. Both parents are more than welcome to jump with one toddler; however all jumpers must pay admission. One parent can also jump with multiple toddlers. Our capacity has also been reduced during these times, as younger jumpers do not always have full motor control.

We recommend jumpers be atleast 4 years old; however, we have no age minimum. Parents/legal guardians know their kids best and we leave it to their discretion. Our primary two concerns are jumpers physical ability and the risk of jumpers running underneath others. For these reasons, we leave the decision up to parents and younger jumpers must be accompanied by an adult.
Please select a date.

Please arrive 20 minutes before your jump time starts.

Tickets are only transferrable if the transfer is completed 48 hours in advance. Please call in or visit us at the park to transfer your tickets. If a future jump time isn’t selected, a jump credit will be placed on your account.

Jump socks are not refundable, because they are a personal use item.