Basic Party with Large Room

$216.00 up to 8 jumpers $17.00 per additional jumper
Do you have a group interested in using our facility? Guarantee your spot and enjoy an hour of jumping with friends or colleagues.

Basic Party Package Includes:
- 8 Jumpers, 1hr full park access (excludes Sports Court, if it is privately booked)
- Jump socks for all jumpers

Available Upgrades:
- Additional Jumper, $17

    Rooms are private sitting areas on our public mezzanine, separated by partition walls. Standard party rooms include one table with 8 chairs. Our Large Room includes one 18'x5' board room table and has built in electrical plugs. All party rooms have a counter along one walll for gifts, presents, bags, etc. They also feature courtesy power plugs for various chargers (laptops, phones, tablets, etc).